Girls and Boys Cross Country


Photo Courtesy of Coach Rios’ Twitter Feed

Do you enjoy long-distance running? Challenges? Endurance? If any or all of these apply to you consider doing Cross Country (XC). Cross Country is a fun way to be involved at Cherokee and be around people who have the same interests you, in this case, long-distance running.

I got to talk to one of the 7th-grade Cross Country runners, Sophia Bowers. Sophia said, “One of my favorite things about running for Cherokee XC is the way that I can train my body/pace to be persistent and the coaches and other runners push me to be better and endure.” She says, “They are my 2nd family and I love all of them.”

I also got to interview Mrs. Lindley, one of the cross country coaches and 7th-grade science teacher on the Ravens team. “What I enjoy more about the runners this year is their enthusiasm for each meet and team mentality. I hear them cheer each other on while they are running, wait for people to finish and give them a high five as they go past, and it is so uplifting to see how even though they run their own race individually, they compete as a team.” 

What is the difference between Cross Country and Track and Field? ”The difference between Track and Cross Country has a lot to do with the way the meets and events are organized, which in turn determines how we train for those events. In Track, students can compete in sprints, relay teams, field events, as well as longer distance events. In Cross Country, there is one race route for middle school students and they are always 3200 meters or two miles and the courses are not held on a track, but in a field, around a campsite, or golf-course. In Cross Country, not only do you have to train for running a long distance, but you also have to train for running up and down different sceneries.” says Mrs. Lindley.

I got the chance to also run with the other Cross Country runners to Braum’s by Cox hospital. After running with them, I truly know the meaning of friendship and endurance. Even being there for only one day, you feel like you belong in the group, everyone there loves to run and they are all very encouraging. Like Sophia said, “They are like a 2nd family.”