Music Mayhem Party

Music Mayhem Party

Parties are an occurrence that most people enjoy attending. Whether it be for the food, friends, or the enjoyment of just being there. The Music Mayhem party that was sponsored by the Cherokee Music Department after their fundraiser for this year. 

The admission into the party was a donation of $80, but there were other prizes for the higher you climbed on the list of donations. The first checkpoint after the $80 donation is $100 in which you had a shot at winning cash when you grabbed a sucker from the sucker tree. These had cash prizes of $2 to up to $20.

Next was the money machine that you had to donate $150 to access, you had a grab for cash in a small tube with air pushing the money through it.

And the final largest prize was a chance at $500 in a trivia game. This was Mr. Zinecker asking random questions from history to cartoons, Addison Albaugh won the event.

This party also had inflatables and laser tag to play with your friends. Two restaurants donated pizza, but the rest of the snacks were brought in by parents and students.

This party will be remembered for its successfulness in helping to encourage students to raise funds for band, choir, and orchestra, as this was a new approach to fundraising.