History Of Halloween


Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a holiday where you can go out around your neighborhood, dress up, and get some candy as well! Most of us have probably been out trick-or-treating at least a few times in our lives. The thing is we never really think about how Halloween started. It probably doesn’t even cross our minds. Halloween has been going on for many years, but how did it start?

Halloween (also known as All Hallows Eve) is a holiday celebrated on October 31 every year. The start of Halloween took place almost 2,000 years ago and originated from ancient Britan and Ireland. At this time there was a group of people called the Celts. They held a big festival that started on October 31st and ended on November 1st. The Celts referred to this holiday as Samhain. 

While this festival took place, the Celts would start bonfires and sacrifice livestock as well as crops to the gods. Later on, they would dress in animal skins to celebrate. This is where we get dressing up in costumes from. These people believed that people that have died, goblins, and other creatures would walk around on these nights only. During the night the Celts would leave out food for them to keep them out of trouble.

In the later years, the Romans took over a part of Britan and made along came two more holidays. One of the holidays was known as Feralia where they would honor the dead. The second holiday was called Pomona where they would feast and celebrate the goddess of harvest and orchards. Very soon Christianity started reaching the Romans and the Celts. Most of the population switched, but the original holidays were still celebrated.

The Pope at the time was not very happy with this. In order to get them to stop, the Pope created a few Christan holidays to replace the old ones. The first of which was called “All Souls Day” where you would honor the dead. All Souls Day would take place on November 2nd. The second holiday created, took place on November 1st known as “All Saints Day.” During this day you would honor all the Christians killed because of their beliefs. 

Last, on October 31st they created a holiday known as “All Hallows Eve” Which we now know as Halloween. If you break down the word Halloween it means Saints Evening. Hallow means Saints and ween means evening. The tradition of Halloween had evolved over the years. After they left out food, it evolved into beggers going door to door asking to pray over people and the souls of their dead relatives. After they would give the beggers food. 

In another part of the country, people would dress up as goblins, and ghosts. The Romans and Celts would also start carving faces in vegetables. After they were done carving the vegetables, they would put them in their window to keep the spirits away. Then how did the tradition spread over to America? When the people from the (present-day) Scotland and Ireland came over to America, they brought over all of their traditions. Over time the traditions changed to what we know today. Going door to door, collecting candy, and dressing up.