Trump Impeachment Issue: An Unbiased Opinion


I’m sure you’ve heard someone talking about the Trump impeachment issue. Likely, the people you heard talking felt extremely towards one side or another, but I’m not here to argue my side. I’m going to give you an unbiased version of the events that have transpired. 

First of all, to understand what is happening with our countries’ government right now, you need to understand what impeachment is. Impeachment is when Congress decides that the current president is no longer fit to lead our country and should be removed from office. But there’s more that goes into it, of course, because to demote a president, you need to have reasons that cannot be ignored to push the impeachment through. The House of Representatives is who specifically has the power to impeach the president. The Representatives cannot simply choose to impeach the president because they dislike them, though. Reasons for impeachment must be under the framework of the Constitution. The House must vote on whether or not the misdemeanors have been enough to impeach the president. But impeachment is not the same thing as removal from office. Now I’ve probably lost you but bear with me. To remove the president from office, the Senate must hold a trial. 

Despite all of this information, there is no impeachment in progress. There is simply an impeachment inquiry happening. If the lawmakers decide there is enough evidence to write up articles of impeachment, then the impeachment will go on trial. 

Now, why is there an inquiry happening against Trump anyway? Well, there have been complaints of Trump abusing his power to win his reelection. Allegedly, Trump has contacted the president of Ukraine to ‘look into’ Joe Biden. Speculation has been made that Trump persuaded Ukraine to dig around and find dirt on Biden, so then Trump may use that against Biden to win the election. While mainly democrats are the ones pushing the inquiry, currently only 27 have publicly announced that they would vote to impeach Trump.

As of right now, there is no set date for the inquiry. As for the outcome of the inquiry, opinions vary on what they think will happen and what they want to happen. We will just have to wait and see how our government will handle these allegations.