Student Ambassador Team


Delaney Sisney

Student Ambassador Club Meeting

Are you a new student who doesn’t know your way around? Then the Student Ambassador Team can help you out! The student ambassadors help new transfer students know their way around Cherokee. The Student Ambassador Team is a group of about 24 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. 

When there is a new student the student will shadow the ambassador for the day. This means they will follow the ambassador’s schedule and can ask questions about the school. This can help the new student understand and know where things are at the school and what is going on. When the ambassador is showing the new student his/her classes this gives the new student an overall review on where and how to get to their class. 

I got to be an ambassador on Monday, October 14, 2019. This is how my day went:

I first got to school at 7:30 am as usual. I went to the gym and waited until I got dismissed. Then, I got my stuff for my classes then headed to Mrs. Rabi’s room. Once that was done I met my transfer student named Kelsey Coughenour and we headed to my first hour. After that, I showed her how to get to classes and talked to her more about school.  

She said, “I think you did an amazing job of helping out on my first day!” To be honest, it feels a little weird at first for someone to follow me around for the day but, you get used to it. Having that feeling of helping a brand new student and becoming the guider for them just really makes me happy. I loved helping Kelsey because she is a kind person that I got to help on her first day of school and Cherokee.

The Student Ambassador Team is a team of kids helping new transfer students. We hope this gives the new student an overall view of how our school works! We hope this makes the student love Cherokee more and helps them with their learning experience!