Free Seating Frenzy


Delaney Sisney

Assigned seating at lunch

As you all know, Cherokee has had some changes. Cherokee’s major change is the lunchroom assigned seating. Now there are good things and bad things that have come out of this. Some kids don’t care, but others believe that they should have a voice on this change. This leaves many of us to wonder what we had done to get the assigned seating. Read on to take all opinions into perspective and take a look into why they had done this.

Some things we do know is that this was an issue at the end of the year for previous 7th and 8th-grade students last year, but we are not curious why they got it. They had started many food fights, disrespected the teachers, and left a mess every day after lunch. They would get to earn their free seating by having better behavior. Some days they would earn it and some days they wouldn’t. This does make us think, well I see why we are in assigned seats, but why didn’t they give us a chance to prove ourselves, or let us earn it every day like last year’s 7th and 8th graders?

These new changes this year have left us wondering. I know that we didn’t expect this, but honestly, I have made a few new friends through this change. It has given us all a chance to be more confident in taking a chance and talking to someone you don’t know. It is working with our behavior though. Not much trash is left out, it’s not too loud, and there have not been any food fights yet… I do think that this is affecting our behavior positively. We have been handling this issue very well, and we are being very respectful and mature towards this. Therefore there are some reasons why it has a benefit on us.

Now even though it has positive effects, it also has many negative effects. I have a close friend who has no friends in her homeroom and has tried making friends, but they just don’t except her. This is an example of why it can be a negative thing. Although it pushes people to make new friends, they still should be able to keep their relationships with their own friends too. This is lunchtime; a place where we should feel free to talk everything out of our selves and get ready for the other half of the day, a time where we should get to reconnect with our friends, a place and time to be able to enjoy school. For these reasons you can see what kinds of negative effects it is giving us students.

Now they have tried a couple of solutions. Lunch walk and a fundraiser. Now, these aren’t terrible ideas, but the fundraiser made people pay $150 for one day to sit with one friend.  They made people pay for something that should be free. That is to have time to relax and talk to our friends. But… many of you have heard that the Student Council has worked and made a compromise with Mr. Illig, and now every once in a while every grade will get free choice seating. Some people may still be upset, but the Student Council is hoping to progress from there. 

What is you guys’ opinion on the assigned seating? Do you think we should have assigned or free seating? I hope this article helped you realize both points of view on the situation.