The Future is Now! Science Olympiad Preview

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We are surrounded by science: technology, animals, building,  engineering, and much, much more! Starting on November 6th, Science Olympiad will begin! What is Science Olympiad? Science Olympiad is a competition between middle schools and includes 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. There are 23 events each year, and students typically compete in 3 events. Each event is 1 hour long. There are Academics (Test), Hybrids (Lab and Test), Labs, and Case Studies (Crime/diagnosis mystery). If you decide to join, you will study, do events and experiments on Earth, space, anatomy, social lives, life in general, chemistry, technology, and engineering. Mrs. Lindley has been the leader of the Cherokee team for 3 years. In college, she judged in some events. The informational meeting is on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. The season itself starts on November 6th, and they meet every Wednesday from 3-4 pm. Finally, this club is fun! According to Mrs. Lindley, they sometimes bring snacks too. Thank you for reading and please join Science Olympiad.

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