7th and 8th Grade Volleyball


The 7th-grade volleyball team has been on a winning streak for all of their games now, and they are known as unbeatable. There is an A team and B team. On the A team is the athletes that have been playing volleyball for longer and may have “better” skill and the B team are the athletes that may have played volleyball but maybe just haven’t learned everything that the A team has. The 7th-grade volleyball team went to a tournament and won 1st place. We are so proud of them! When 7th-grade volleyball tryouts occurred, no one was sure what would happen because the coaches did not tell people how they were going to cut people or make the decision of who was going to be on the team. Never has the team given up, no matter how close they are to losing, they don’t give up and that goes to show that if you don’t give up, you have a great shot at winning. 

With the 8th grade volleyball team, they have been on a roll and are very competitive and ready to fight for the win on every single game. The 8th-grade volleyball team also has an A team and a B team, there are only 17 spots available on both teams. The 8th-grade volleyball team also took the win on their tournament and they have been taking 1st place and that just goes to show how much these girls work towards accomplishment!