Present and Accounted For?


We all remember when Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas on September 1. It devastated and destroyed people’s lives. One horrible issue those people are still facing is missing family members. It has been over a month since the hurricane tore through the islands, and 600 people are still missing.

Compared to the starting number of missing people, 1,300, 600 seems to be a small number. Yet it is not. As the missing people count drops, the death toll is rising to an alarmingly high number. There are many reasons for the unaccounted. Bodies are likely trapped under large piles of rubble that hasn’t yet been sifted through. There is also the possibility of having been swept out to sea, their corpse just now washing back up on shore.

The death toll on September 27 was 56. That number is likely to rise, considering the odds of 600 missing people just showing up unharmed is very low. Countless families are mourning the loss of loved ones and even more will. Even more families mourn the loss of their homes and their livelihoods. Many local companies have vowed to help rid hard-hit areas of their debris and hopefully put some lives back together again.