No Child Left Behind Act

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  What is the “No Child Left Behind Act”? This act is a law that gives scholars extra money for extra help in academics for poor children in exchange for their academic success. George Bush was the first to sign this into law in January 8, 2002. President Obama later signed a modified version of this law in 2015. This new version, renamed “Every Student Needs Success Act”, stated that everyone deserves a good education with everyone helping to be committed to what they’re doing and gave states more say in what went on. 36 states, including Missouri, use the NCLBA. If a student qualifies of the No Child Left Behind Act they may move to a better school, receive free tutoring, and qualify for grants to use for other scholar programs.


   In conclusion, this act was made to focus on new national standards. This put students in “groups” labeled “Likely to Succeed” or “Likely to Be Left Behind”. It also allows states to decide what is “academically successful”. The NCLBA aims for every child in public schools to be excellent in reading and math. There have been a lot of changes in the school system since 2001, and they are amazing! What are your opinions on this? Don’t be afraid to let me know in the comments!   

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