Notre Dame Aflame!

The Notre Dame Cathedral is famed around the world, especially in the Christian denomination of Catholicism. For people of every culture, religion, and race, the Notre Dame Cathedral holds a special symbolic message, one that means something a little different to everyone who has visited.
To much of the world’s dismay, on April fifteenth at around 7 p.m. local time, a fire broke out in the cathedral. You can watch disheartening footage of the fire on nearly every news website. The prominent spire fell in the first few hours of the blaze. The fire also destroyed much of the roof. However, some of the world’s most precious artifacts have been recovered.
Thankfully, plans are being made to rebuild the cathedral. Donations have been pouring in from people across the globe in hopes to help with the severe renovation costs. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, says he wants the cathedral rebuilt in five years. Now, it’s highly understandable of why he would want the historic masterpiece back up and operate so soon. For one thing, the cathedral is an enormous source of tourism. More people visit the cathedral in a year than people visit the Eiffel Tower. Secondly, the significance behind the establishment goes much farther than just being a religious symbol; in fact, much of France feels it is their country’s symbol of freedom and national identity. Nonetheless, the building’s structure is nearly as intricate as it is old, meaning that rebuilding will be long-lasting. If the cathedral is so massive, is it even possible to be finished in ten years, let alone five?