MAP Testing Tips

MAP Testing Tips

The MAP test is a test name you have probably heard of.  That is unless you just moved to Missouri. MAP stands for the Missouri Assessment Program. The MAP test is a series of different test subject such as English, mathematics. If you are in eighth grade you will have, English, mathematics, and science.

On the test, there will be various types of questions. Constructed response, and multiple choice is just two of them. These test will help administrators see if SPS (Springfield Public Schools) are meeting the Show-Me State standards. Some people might think the MAP test is somewhat stressful. Some tips for big tests like this could always be helpful.

Test Tips For Before The Test:

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Tip #1: This one is one of the most said tips for the MAP test year after year. Get sleep. Getting sleep helps your long term memory and retain more information. The days during and leading up to the test, you will be more alert and aware of everything. Getting good sleep will also decrease your stress level.

Tip #2: Plan good meals the week of the test. On the weeks of MAP testing, try to plan good healthy meals and try to avoid any sugary breakfasts. Even for a snack before the test, try to have a piece of fruit to hold you over. Try to avoid any sugary snacks and caffeine. Caffeine will make you jittery during the test.

Tip #3: Try to get a habit of releasing stress. An example of this could vary from taking a walk, or just listening to relaxing music. Even trying to visualize success on the test would work. This differs for different types of people.

Tip #4: Come prepared. Bring anything with you that you know you will need for the test. Your teachers might let you bring different snacks. Again this depends on if your teachers let you. Being thoughtful about your preparation the nights before the MAP can really help you be at ease and not so anxious for the test.

Tip #5: Try to avoid anxious people: Usually when taking a test you can see who’s nervous and anxious. Try to avoid those people at this time. You need to focus on taking deep breaths instead of wondering why they are nervous and think of possible outcomes. You will overthink many things and think you are going to do bad.

Test Tips While Taking The Test

Tip #1: Read the questions very carefully. Sometimes when you first start off a test you can go kinda quick and misread a question which will cause you to get the question wrong. In that case, you need to slow down your reading and if you need to reread the question over and over again if you think you missed something. You can miss many problems if you only skim through the question.

Tip #2: Answer all the questions. Some people start with the easiest and work their way up and others go in order. If you start at the easiest, make sure you flag the questions you need to do. Answering all the questions will, of course, help the outcome of the test.

Tip #3: Last, but not least, you need to review your answers. Go back and check your answers to make sure you answered all the questions and all of them are what you want them to be. During this, you can check to make sure there are no typos in your answers.

MAP testing is coming up and you need to be well rested and energized. Follow these tips and you’ll be just fine. I’m wishing everyone luck on these next few weeks!


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