Summer Vacation


Madison Arthur

One of the best places to go over summer vacation is to the Ozark Empire Fair.

Summer vacation is so close, you can feel it! Outside in the weather, in school with all of the testing and energy ready to burst, summer is only a few weeks away. Right now about half of the student population feels like they are going to be very busy this summer, while the other half is ready to just sit back and relax. But I bet that after a while, quite a majority of these students will at some point also subdue into boredom. So what can they do to avoid that? Well here is a list of only a few ideas of how you can spend your summer and hopefully say goodbye to any wasted days and any wasted moments when you could be living your summer to the fullest!

Inside-rain or shine, the air-conditioned (and some not) indoors have many things going for it.

  • Volunteering; there are multitudes of places around town that are open in the summer where you and maybe even some friends as well can go and help out and make a difference.
  • Camp; camps can both be indoors and outdoors, both through school and other companies. I for one am going to a couple through my church (and if anyone is interested and wants more information, comment below and I can describe more in depth of what some of those camps and activities are!!) They usually end up being the best parts of the summer.
  • Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas; this is one of my most favorite places to go any time of the year, but especially in the summer. It is an amazing art museum that is exciting for even the least likely people to go to something like that. There are also many beautiful trails for miles around and a kids museum right beside it. It is free and only a couple hours to drive, but spending a day there is so wonderful and relaxing.
  • Bowling, going to the mall, flea market shopping (comment below some of your favorite flea market stores, I’m always looking for more,) the library, the list can go on and on! Museums are also really cool places to go, and of course, a vacation is always an option 😉
  • Some activities just for the inside at home include crafts, reading, movie/tv series watching (When Calls the Heart is a great show to watch if you ever need an idea,) taking up a new hobby, cooking (making popsicles and delicious frozen hot chocolate are included, and comment below if you want an amazing recipe,) inviting friends over to hang out, and even something as simple as cleaning out your room or going through old pictures and boxes are some ways to stay busy and have fun this summer inside.

Outside-when the weather’s fine, the great outdoors awaits.

  • Late night drives; jump in the car and drive around with family or friends while you talk, sing, or maybe even just sit in the colorful silence of the night.
  • Swim; inside or outside, this is an obvious go-to for the summer that everyone can enjoy! For those who can’t swim, tanning is another thing that I know many of you like to do.
  • Take pictures; whether you’re at the lake, park, or on vacation, maybe even just in your room, taking pictures and making memories last is one of my personal favorite things to do!
  • Water activities; other than just the usual swimming, kayaking, tubing, fishing, and water skiing are all other examples of ways you can enjoy the water at the lake, beach, or pool.
  • Hiking and biking; getting lost and getting exercise are both two ways that these activities can be enjoyable for you and whoever you invite to go along on the journey.
  • Hammocking; I’d suggest hammocking in the park, but there has been a new law passed that doesn’t allow that anymore so it doesn’t damage trees. So instead, you can always hammock in the trees of your yard or at a friend or family members house! Don’t have a hammock, no problem, just spending quiet time outside or sitting under a tree is always a nice way to cool off and take some time alone.
  • Silver Dollar City/White Water; these are only two examples of places in Branson you can go to. They have great food and entertainment, and I bet you know about all of the other places and things you can do there, but if not, just look it up and I bet you’ll find at least one thing you’d be interested in.
  • Garage sales; you can host your own or drive around and find some to go to. Going to garage sales is always fun to do and it can be really exciting to find things that you would have never thought you’d be wanting!
  • Parks, zoos, fairs, you name it! There are multitudes of activities and places that Springfield and other places offer in the summer that you can experience and have a lot of fun at.

The list could go on and on, but these are just some of the few that seem to be the most popular and most favorited by the people that I asked. If you like this list or if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to leave a comment! I’ll miss you guys, and I just want to thank Cherokee for being such an outstanding school and I’ve loved every moment of going here. The memories will forever remain! I hope that all of you have a great summer and a great end to your school year!! <3