STEAMrzz Competition!

STEAMrzz Competition!

The STEAMrzz club recently went to the competition that we’d been preparing for within the past months, and we did pretty well!

There were several categories to apply in. Some of them were Medical Design, Digital Photography, Children’s Stories, Dragster, and many more. With that, they threw extra categories at us along the way, adding in things like Technical Design, and even one we were had to compete with our knowledge not only within TSA but also on scientific facts. Cherokee won first place in the knowledgeable competition, and also won first, second, and third in the Technical Design category.


With that said, Cherokee did relatively well, and we had a total of nine students.

“Would you say we did well this year?” I asked,

Mrs. Jimenez answered, “The entire group of students came together and it was a superb joy to watch the relationships and friendships between all of them grow. With such a positive comradery amongst them, they all did really well growing in the knowledge of working with others to find success. Their projects reflected their excellence as they walked away with many trophies and bragging rights. I could not be prouder of such a wonderful group of personable students who became a school ‘family’ for me and each other. In the words of Mrs. Sholtis, our fantastic supporter, and inspirer…, “STEAM’rzz!”


Listed below are the awards.


Technical Design –

1st: Keeley Curtis & Kyle Ramaker

2nd: Nathaniel Collins & Sam

3rd: Tyler Enge & Star Beattie


Tech Bowl –

1st: Sam, Star Beattie, and Nathaniel Collins


Dragster –

1st: Nathaniel Collins

3rd: Tyler Enge


Flight –

1st: Tyler Enge

2nd: Pyrson Houzenga and Sam

3rd: Nathaniel


Medical Technology –

1st Greer Rosendahl


Video Game Design –

3rd: Kaleb Mesick and Kyle Ramaker


Digital Photography –

2nd: Star Beattie

3rd: Greer Rosendahl