Lady Bears New Coach


The former Lady Bears coach, Killie Harper, is moving back to Tennessee and will begin coaching there. Meanwhile, the Lady Bears are looking at two people to be their new coach. The first person is Jackie Stiles, a fan favorite and a legendary Lady Bear. The second person is Amaka Agugua-Hamilton, a former assistant coach to ¨The Spartans,” a basketball team in Michigan.

Who will win the election? How well will the Lady Bears do with a new coach? How far will they get with the new coach? The new coach is Amaka Hamilton. There’s no telling how well they will do with her. The Lady Bears are probably very excited for their new coach.

Some people think that Jackie stiles would have been a better coach and some people think that Amaka Agugua-Hamilton is doing just fine being the Lady Bears coach, but these are all opinions. Even if you prefer Jackie Stiles over Akama Agugua-Hamilton or Akama Agugua-Hamilton over Jackie Stiles, they are both good candidates for the Lady Bears coach. Although we have a new coach, we will all miss Killie Harper and wish her well.