Mrs. Madura


What do you call a train carrying bubble gum? A chew-chew train! Mrs. Madura, an 8th grade English teacher here at Cherokee Middle School, loves jokes! She has been teaching for 3 years here and is a delightful part of the staff. I have not had her for my teacher yet, but I’ve heard good things about her!

Mrs. Madura was born in San Diego, California. She lived there for about 8 years until she moved to Missouri. Her mom was a McDonald’s manager and her dad worked maintenance there, that’s how they met. It’s also why she loves McDonald’s so much!

Mrs. Madura loves teaching! She knew she wanted to be a teacher by middle school when she had a really nice math teacher. The reason she chose English is because she didn’t do anything in her English class, and she wanted to change that! Mrs. Madura’s favorite part of teaching 8th grade is they get her jokes. Mrs. Madura has a rule in her classroom: when I tell a joke you either need to laugh or groan.

She has 3 kids, Andrew, Karmyn, and Preston, and 2 dogs, Julie and Sarah. She has a rabbit named Hopper! When she is done teaching, she would like to travel the world. She has already been to France, Belgium, Mexico, Amsterdam, and Canada! Mrs. Madura loves obstacle racing. The most exciting thing she’s done was completing 3, 25-mile races in one weekend!

Mrs. Madura would want to be a corporate trainer if she wasn’t a teacher. A corporate trainer is an educator or instructor who works in a business environment and teaches employees the skills they need. She would be good at it because she has a business background. Maybe when she’s done teaching she will become one!