Battle of the Books Competition


Madison Arthur

The Battle of the Books team meets to discuss the Truman Award books to prepare for the competition.

On March 21st, there was a Battle of the Books competition! Five students at Cherokee competed against the other schools on their knowledge on the twelve Truman Award books!

In the competition, there were several rounds of competing that we had to do. There was a team captain who would answer the questions, and I was the one who did that. We would answer the questions to the best of our ability and converse with the other teams.

We also ended up making origami in the mix, however that happened. We were given some paper, and we just made a much of origami, and it didn’t seem like the adults were too impressed, but some of the students from the other schools didn’t appear to have a problem with it.

With that said, we were eventually asked to stop doing it.

We competed throughout most of the day, though the were some technical difficulties. Eventually, the I.T guy, who looked like Dave Navarro, fixed the problem! We battled to the best of our ability, and we didn’t do too bad.

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up winning. Luckily, we had a lot of fun during the competition! Hopefully, three of our five students will decide to compete next year, as two of the five will be in high school.

I talked to Ms. Bengsch, our librarian, and asked how we did. “We did really well, I know we answered over 200 answers correctly, but out of eleven, we got fourth or fifth,” she replied. With that said, we did pretty well this year. Last year we placed about the same (as far as we’re aware of) and the support from our school keeps our confidence up!

Let’s hope for next year’s winners!