Dress for Success?


School uniforms have sparked debate across the nation. Millions of kids have developed strong opinions about what to wear. Some kids are neutral about their clothing. Read on to dive deep into the stumping question: Should students have to wear school uniforms?

On one hand, school uniforms encourage equality across all students. If all people are wearing the same outfit, nobody can be teased or made fun of for being different. Uniforms are handy by encouraging school pride and honor throughout students. They could also be a symbol of unity. A student’s school could be identified by their uniform. In addition, many teachers and parents argue that uniforms improve behavior and attention. Studies show that there is a connection between uniforms and attendance rates. More research is necessary to show more evidence.  

On the other hand, thousands of kids argue that these uniforms limit self-expression. Also, many argue that they squash individuality. In addition, school uniforms can be very expensive. Many public schools that require uniforms have struggling students enrolled. Families with financial difficulties don’t need another expense on their hands. If a child wears a school uniform every day from kindergarten to 12th grade, they might have difficulties deciding on what they are going to wear when they are on their own.

Another option that many schools are switching to is a dress code. That means that kids can still choose what they want to wear as long as it follows certain guidelines. Many require shorts to be a certain length, while others are particular about jewelry and nail polish. Schools around the nation are making dress codes a priority for students. Enforcing a dress code allow lower-income families to afford clothing that fits these guidelines.

What do you believe? Should kids wear school uniforms as a symbol of equality through the school? Or should have the right to express themselves through what they wear?