Mrs. Mooney


Madison Arthur

Mrs. Mooney

You may have seen Mrs. Mooney in the halls, but may have not yet gotten the chance to learn more about her. She is a seventh-grade social studies teacher who describes herself as outgoing, friendly, outspoken, fun loving, and a go-getter. After reading this article, you will know why!

Mrs. Mooney knew she wanted to start teaching when she started teaching her stuffed animals when she was little. She mostly enjoys being able to bring her own experiences from traveling into the classroom to share them with students. Mrs. Mooney is happiest when she is reading a historical novel based on English history. If she won the lottery, she would buy a house in Arizona to be closer to her kids. She finds herself to be very satisfied when she is with family, but specifically, her grand kids. She could spend all day talking about them!

Even though Mrs. Mooney is “just” a teacher, she has an adventurous side! She would like to visit Mount Everest, the Himalayan mountains, and Nepal. She wants to eat lunch with Queen Victoria because of the rich history that happened during her lifetime. She once bought a universal remote that she now calls “useless” because it does nothing! If her house was burning, Mrs. Mooney would save her mother’s diamond ring because it was the last thing her mother gave to her before she passed and it is really special to her. Her craziest fear is a spider coming down on her, and she stated that Fortnite makes her feel old because she knows nothing about it!

Mrs. Mooney hopes Cherokee is a community of people that care about, support, and encourage each other. Hopefully, this article has given you insight into what makes Mrs. Mooney the great teacher she is, and that you take the time to say hello!