Cherokee Winter Formal


On Friday, February 8th Cherokee Middle Students walked in and were greeted by a beautiful sea of Black and Gold where tickets were checked by the Cherokee PTA and students were sent into the Winter Formal of 2019.

The theme this year was black and the hallway was decorated with black sheets and gold balloons as it was filled with delicious food, photo booths, and scurrying students going back and forth from the gymnasium to the hallway. When walking into the gymnasium turned into a beautiful ballroom with red and gold balloons all around and two photo booths in the corner, students were met with loud music and friends all around as they danced talked and had a great time. Once the 6th and 7th-grade dance was about halfway through the 8th-grade dance began and then after their dance was over the gym cleared out and all that was left was a night to remember.

Huge thank you to all the PTA and staff and faculty members who helped give us all an amazing night and to the D.J., photo booth company, and everyone who volunteered.