Boys Basketball Team


We all know Cherokee’s sports teams are amazing! So today you will learn about our boy’s basketball team! I interviewed Coach Ridder. The first thing I asked him was how many games have there been so far? He said, “We have played 4 games.”  How many times has A team and B team won a game? “Both teams won 4 and lost none.” I asked him when is the next game? “Next Wednesday against Carver.” How do you think the team is doing this year? “We’re doing better, we have high expectations.” Next, I interviewed Jake Sage on the A team. What’s the best part about being on the team? “Being able to play and practice with friends.” What’s your dream for this team? “Going undefeated and becoming champions.” What is your favorite thing about Coach Ridder? “He’s very funny and pushes us to do better.” At their next game, Smoke Signal staff will be there working, so stop on by to grab a snack!