Birdbox Review

Birdbox Review


  Birdbox recently came out on Netflix, and if you haven’t seen it, you should! I liked the movie quite a bit, and I certainly wanted to review it.

   In the beginning, I obviously had a few questions. It started with Malorie telling Boy and Girl that they would die if they took their blindfolds off. That was certainly an interesting way to start off a movie. After that, we’re taken to her and her sister and they mention how things are going on in Russia and places near there. Of course, Malorie doesn’t care whatsoever. I thought pretty quickly that this was going to tie into the movie, which it did. When she’s taken to see the doctor and leave, seeing the woman band her head against the window obviously made me think that some type of monster was there. I thought that at first, it was like a disease that was spreading through the air at the speed of light.

When her sister was driving and crashed the car to kill herself, it was insane. I was a little frightened. Then when she got out of the car and let that bus hit her, I felt like I shouldn’t watch it anymore. When she got in the house, I was pretty relieved, especially because they had put newspapers on all of the windows. When it all came out as a monster, it was rather alarming. When one of the guys tied him to the chair and saw the monster through the cameras, I thought he’d be plenty safe. When he killed himself, I screamed a bit. Usually, I’m fine with blood, but seeing it spill out is not okay with me. Then the security camera was damaged and they had no chance of seeing the monster at all. I think that was the moment everyone realized they shouldn’t leave the house by keeping their eyes closed, or not even leave at all.

I liked how they switched times to how Malorie, Boy, and Girl got to the river. I feel like that really made people want to keep watching because we didn’t know how it was going to end and how they ended up there. When they agreed to go get food, I agreed with the statement that they should stay there. It would be much easier than just having to drive back and forth constantly. Even though it wasn’t as safe, I think it was the much smarter choice because there was endless food there. When Charlie died, I was kind of sad. I liked him as a character and I think he added a lot of humor to the movie.

I liked whenever Olympia came because we saw who the mother of another baby was. And when she mentioned she was having a girl, we got to know that Malorie’s child was Boy and Girl was another person’s child. I really liked Lucy, played by Rosa Salazar, and Felix, played by Machine Gun Kelly. I was kind of upset when they left because I wanted to see more of them. When they left, it became a wonder on whether they died or not. There’s a million question I have on them.

When Gary came along, I was iffy. Not only did he survive a long time, but he also said he knocked on other peoples doors. There was no way he could’ve survived that long! He had the blindfold as evidence though, but I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t blame Olympia for opening the door though. She was in the same situation and she was probably horrified during that time, so it made sense she opened the door on him. And, admit it, everyone would be alive if they had all listened to Douglas. Then when the babies were born, it all went downhill. Not only did Gary kill Cheryl, the old lady, but he also killed Doug and Olympia, leaving it to be just Tom, Malorie, and the babies. I was so happy when Gary was gone, though I felt guilty for happiness of one’s death. It made me wonder how he was able to survive though. Some people were able to make it out, which as you think about it, is crazy.

I knew Tom was going to die because he was not on the boat. But as time passed, it worried me even more because I grew to like him a lot. When those people showed up as Boy and Girl were toddlers, I knew they weren’t going to make it. Somehow, I could just sense that they were there to kill him. Of course, he killed himself, so I was devastated. But then he killed that guy who had seen the monster before he killed himself, which says a lot about him as a person. Then when she went down the river, I knew understood the course of the river due to the movies switching. I found the guy down the river iffy, especially because he said: “birds were singing”.  To me, that was strange, and Malorie felt it too. As time passed, I was getting more and more worried.

But, in the end, I’m glad that they ended up safe in the school with blind people. If you think about it, being blind would definitely have its perks. Then when she saw the doctor, I was more than upset at the fact that she named Girl “Olympia” instead of “Cinderella” like Olympia wanted! In the end, I thought it was a good movie and I enjoyed watching it.