Voices From the Middle


  Do you want to become a famous writer someday? Why wait when you can enter a piece of work to be published in a book called Voices From the Middle?! Voices From the Middle is a book that publishes things like poems, short stories, and even drawings from middle school students. There are tons of pages filled with really great work!

   They do it every year, maybe you can get one and look through the pages. Who knows, you might see someone you know in there. It’s really cool to see what these students write about. Getting your work published in this book is something you can brag about to your family and friends.

  Right now it is too late to submit an entry. The deadline to submit work has already passed, but you can always submit your work for next year. Voices from the Middle is a book that not all schools have. Submitting work can spark your love for writing and publishing. So when the next Voices from the Middle book comes out, take the time to read it!