High School Musical Junior


Troy Peterson

High School Musical Jr. was a great success and the performers did an amazing job!

  High School Musical Junior was very much like the Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered in 2006. The movie was a smash hit and is still a deeply beloved movie to the younger generations.

  High School Musical focuses in on two students named Troy and Gabriella. Gabriella is the new smart kid at school while Troy is the basketball all-star. After the meeting for the first time at a ski resort over winter break, they reunite the following semester and get sucked into something neither one of them had ever dreamed of doing: the school musical. As their friendship grows to more than just friendship, their love of music grows as well. Unfortunately, their friends are against this and fight this new shift of the status quo. In the end, Troy and Gabriella are able to keep doing the things they love as well as perform in the musical.

  High School Musical Junior was portrayed by students from Kickapoo feeder schools grades 6-9. It is very much student directed, the student directors being experienced Kickapoo seniors. They work hard to keep the show running smoothly, and they do a great job.

  Let’s get back to the actual cast! There were many Cherokee students present, including Aidan Plank who portrayed Taylor McKessie, Tia Garrott who played Miss Darbus, and Ellie Kollmeyer who played Kelsi Nielsen. There were many other Cherokee students who danced and sang and basically pulled the whole show together in the ensemble as well.

  I talked to a few cast members about their experience during the production. Taygan Brooks who was a part of the ensemble said that the thing she enjoyed most about putting together the show was learning the dances, while Aidan Plank said her favorite part was “meeting several new friends and learning several new things”. Later she elaborated on what she learned and said she “learned how to control and use her face and expressions”. Both Taygan and Aidan agreed that the number one reason they were able to put the show together on time was through lots and lots of practice.

  Now for my personal opinion of the production. I went to their very first performance and I’ll admit, it was a little rough compared to later productions. For a first show though, it was pretty amazing! The singing was strong and fun to listen to, the dancing numbers were spot on and well done, and the overall performing captured the magic of the original High School Musical! My personal favorite scene was the scene after Zeek spilled cake all over Sharpay’s dress, and she was getting a different outfit from her locker. Zeek, oblivious to her obvious disinterest, thinks she really likes him after a cold chat outside the locker. It was so funny how the basketball player convinced himself that the mean queen of the school was interested in him when everyone looking on knew for a fact that she certainly did not.

  High School Musical Junior was a very well done show put on by 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders from Wilson’s Creek, Cherokee, and Kickapoo. I really enjoyed seeing it, and I am looking forward to Kickapoo High School’s future productions!