Mrs. Wortley


Madison Arthur

Mrs. Wortley is a teacher at CMS.

Have you ever been to Banff National Park in Canada? Well, Mrs. Wortley has! She says that it was the most exciting thing she’s ever done. If she could have a book about her life, she would have it named “Life is Good” because she feels that her life is great. To make things even better in life, she wants to improve upon her interpersonal relationships. Mrs. Wortley says her daughter inspires her to be better because she wants to be a good mom and raise her daughter to be kind, successful, and loving.

To Mrs. Wortley, the funniest word in the English language would be “Flibbertigibbet,” but her students from past years would say it would be “Diphthongs.” Speaking of teaching, she has been teaching for about 25 years both in English and Spanish classes! When she was 9, Mrs. Wortley noticed she liked to explain things and she thought teachers did things similar to that, so she set out to become a teacher. Mrs. Wortley’s biggest pet peeve is when people lie to her. She stated that if she only had 2 weeks left to live, she would go on family vacations. 

In the summer, she loves to spend the whole time in the water, out by a campfire at night, and near a body of water when it is nice out. If she was stranded on an island, she would pack food, water, clothes, and other survival necessities; now that’s a teacher for you! She’s a bit particular about clothing though and said skinny jeans are a “no-go.” She prefers her jeans to be stretchy enough for comfort, but not so much so that they fall off by the end of the day! According to Mrs. Wortley, she prefers to read an actual book (what?) and write on physical paper. Old-school, huh? She may like video games, but she enjoys card and board games too. Some movies she watches repeatedly include seasonal movies and “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” which came out in 1981.

Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like there’s a lot we can learn from Mrs. Wortley. English, Spanish, packing for a remote destination, old school movies, vocabulary…perhaps she can enlighten us on the meaning and proper use of “diphthongs” and “flibbertigibbet!!!”