The Archery Team


Archery is a great sport of aim and accuracy. Lots of people like to play it because it’s a sport where you don’t have to be really athletic, you just have to test out where to aim. The coaches on this team take time out of there morning to teach us on the archery team, so I took time out of my day to ask them some questions about their team. I met with two of the team’s wonderful coaches, Coach Scott, and 6th-grade teacher, Mrs. Drybread. First, I talked to Mrs. Drybread a little about the archery team. She said, “6th, 7th, and 8th graders can join the archery team”. So, if you are a 6th or 7th grader, you can join the team next year. It’s never too late. I then asked her how to join the archery team for all of you who missed out this year. She told me, “Show up for archery practice. We like students with good attitudes, willingness to learn, and good grades”. Then, I asked her to explain archery competitions. She said, “To compete in archery competitions you do 3 ends at 10 meters with 5 arrows each, and then 3 ends at 15 meters with 5 arrows each. You can get a total of 300 points. In order to get to districts, you need 270 points.” Next, I asked her a little about the state championship. First of all, she said, “There is a state championship and it is March 22nd and the 23rd in Branson. You have to get 270 points to qualify”.

Then, I talked to Coach Scott. I asked her if different genders can compete and she responded, “Yes.” So you can shoot if you are a girl or a boy. Next, I asked if you win anything at competitions and Mrs. Scott said, “You can win at All City 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, you can qualify for the state tournament and at the state tournament you can win scholarship money for the top competitors.” Also, if you are wondering how long Cherokee has been here at Cherokee, this is what Coach Scott said. “Coach Grey coached it for years but this is the 2nd year for the whole district.” But the archery team doesn’t last all year. Coach Scott said, “It ends at the end of March since we qualified for state.” Finally, I asked what skills do they coaches teach the archers. She told me, “How to remain focused, be calm, just the main fundamentals.”

These are some reasons our coaches think you should join the team. Mrs. Drybread said, “It’s fun. It’s a great opportunity to try something new. Archery is a sport that allows students of all different athletic abilities to participate. You don’t have to be the strongest, or the fastest, or the most athletic, and you can still be very successful.” After that, I asked Coach Scott how people benefit from joining the archery team. She said, “I think for you guys it lets you guys have something to be involved in, it helps you to learn how to be in a team, academics, and learn how to be great people.” Neither of these coaches did archery when they were younger, but you can.