LAUNCH: Online Course Classes


Do you like having your own free time? Do you work ahead of everybody in your classes? Do you like to work independently? If you answered “yes” to any of these, LAUNCH is perfect for you!

LAUNCH is a program in Missouri, which offers online classes for multiple districts. It helps students who need personalized learning and flexible class options. LAUNCH includes many course options for various grades. LAUNCH also benefits our district and student needs by giving students a new opportunity to try something new.

“Why online classes?” you may ask. Well, LAUNCH has lots of positive aspects! These include access to lots of teachers and classes, credit recovery programs, and electives as well as accelerated options. It even includes options for students who are medically fragile and require special accommodations.

LAUNCH may sound fun, but it takes a lot of hard work! You must have good grades, be hard-working, responsible, and self-encouraging. Check with your counselor to apply to LAUNCH. Try something new this coming year!