Mrs. Snyder


Madison Arthur

Mrs. Snyder is a teacher at CMS.

You may have seen Mrs. Snyder’s classroom, but you probably have not gotten the chance to get to know her. As she is a 7th grade English teacher, you’ve either had the chance or may get the chance, but until then, here’s a glimpse into who she is.

Mrs. Snyder wanted to become a teacher when she was little because she loved kids and the idea that she could make a difference in the world through students. She is doing an amazing job so far! Even though she is a teacher, she would love to open up her own clothing boutique with her best friend, because who doesn’t love clothes?! In addition to her love of clothes, Mrs. Snyder also loves dogs! She says dogs are her favorite animal and they get treated like members of her family. Speaking of her family, Mrs. Snyder hopes her relationship with her kids and husband will always stay the same because it is really good.

Her ideal weekend would be spending time with her family doing something together and also having enough downtime to read and relax. With her dream weekend, she also has an ideal way to start her day. She would like to begin by working out, followed by Starbucks, and then reading her Bible. To make her day better, she likes when people write encouraging things to her, smile at her in the hallway, and show appreciation to her. Chick-Fil-A can also put a smile on her face, as she rates their food and service at a 10/10.

Mrs. Snyder also has odd quirks like the rest of us. She has an extreme pet peeve with “your” and “you’re” differences and saying “search it up.” Just odd little grammar things. She also has a process for things and a system for everything. She said when the system is broken, ” it’s not good.” Cleaning and meetings take up too much of her time and she wishes she could to spend more time learning and reading.

When asked what her favorite thing about teaching seventh grade is, Mrs. Snyder responded with, “They are hilarious and not as immature as 6th graders, also not as rude as 8th graders. Every day is different, sometimes terrifying, but mostly super fun.” If given the opportunity to give any advice to her 7th-grade self, she said, “Don’t be so mouthy. Be respectful of your parents and work hard, because 7th grade is so small compared to life experiences.”