Valentine’s Day


  Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I wish to those who brave it out the best as they share how they feel to the people they admire the most.

  I have decided to save you from the discomfort that might arise from hearing about how this holiday started back in ancient Rome (though there are many different theories as to when and why it started), but instead I wish to help you see how special this holiday really is and why it should be celebrated more than it might be today.

  Valentine’s Day is not only limited to the United States, but many other countries also have a holiday set out for people to say how much they love and care for one another. Even though only a little over half of America celebrates this holiday, an estimated $1.7 billion is spent on candy alone. That’s dedication. Many stores this year have already run out of candy for Valentine’s Day if that’s even possible, but the craziest thing about this year is that there won’t be any of the original conversation Sweethearts candy that is known for their cute sayings like “Be Mine” and “Love Bug”. I have yet to meet someone who actually enjoys the taste of these little candies, but it is still sad that they won’t be back on the shelves until Valentine’s Day next year.

A recent survey at Cherokee was done to find out more about how we see this holiday and what things and experiences are the most favored on February 14th. Most students said that what they remember the best of any Valentine’s Day was when they were given some sort of a special gift, whether by a friend or family member, or when they were told that they were liked by a special someone. So don’t hold back if you really want to make someone’s day this year! Also, candy was said to be the most beloved gift that people receive, but what candy had the most students’ vote? Hershey’s Kisses surprisingly with truffles as a close second. What I found to be interesting though is not that people wait expectantly to be told they are loved (or that making and R2D2 Valentine’s Day box was the most popular but most fun in elementary school), but that only about half of the students actually celebrate this holiday. Only about half have traditions or experiences where their family goes out to a nice place for dinner or makes each other feel special. I mean, it’s only one day a year, why not slow down for a second and take the time to tell someone you care for them?

Anyway, if anything I hope that you can enjoy this day and express your love and gratitude for the people in your life, and maybe just maybe you can start to really celebrate this holiday and all of the fun and happiness it brings. 

***The final part of the Cherokee survey asked if anyone had any messages to send out to people or to just friends, so here are a few for you to see if you can find any relatable or any meant for you 😉

-Hey guys, it’s my 14th year being single on Valentine’s Day, it’s such a milestone!

-Keep blinking and everything will be fine

-You’re amazing

-Sometimes in life, we get the honor of meeting someone who truly makes a beautiful difference in the world. Someone who makes every day magical and full of vibrant color. There is nothing more special than finding that someone.

-Happy Valentine’s Day hope you get to spend it with someone special

-To all the single ladies: same

-I would like to say thanks to my mom for always being there for me.

-That my sisters have a great holiday in college

-Love you guys! I hope you all know how special you are <3