What is Diabetes?

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What is diabetes? Some of you may think its something to joke about but you are sadly mistaken. Diabetes is when your body can not make enough insulin in order for you to survive; therefore when a diabetic eats, they dose a certain amount of insulin (based on their blood sugar).

My sister Kaylee Phillips (age 11) was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at seven months old. Ever since then, she has taken at least four shots a day. I asked Kaylee what it was like to be diabetic. 

Does it hurt your feelings when people joke about diabetes? “Sometimes, like when they’re saying how bad it is and making fun of it, that’s what hurts my feelings.”

What’s the scariest moment in being diabetic? “Waking up in the hospital, or waking up to your mom crying because you had a seizure.”

Do you feel normal or different from everyone, and do you feel mistreated at school because of diabetes? “Well I kinda feel different because of what I can and can’t eat, and how much I get to eat, and I sometimes feel mistreated because of diabetes with people who don’t know what they’re doing.”

What does diabetes keep you from doing in life? “Well, sometimes if I’m low I miss out on fun activities, and eating certain types of food, and if I’m hungry and I can only eat a certain amount I’m out of luck.”

If anyone wants to know more click here.⇝http://www.diabetes.org/?loc=logo

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