Green Team Recycling Week


A few weeks ago back in November, we had a recycling week here at Cherokee. Recently the sponsor for Cherokee’s Green Team, Mrs. Madura, found out that plastic bags need to be recycled separately from other items. So to spread the word, there was a competition held between the 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, and the staff to see who could collect the most recycling bags in a week. The competition began as the members of the Green Team hung posters, Mrs. Madura put out four bins up front labeled with the different teams, and our student council officers gave the announcement. 

Throughout the week, kids and adults alike brought in plastic bags sticking them into the cardboard bins, the week went on and what all of the competitors wanted most of all was the trophy. A clear trophy with the recycling symbol on it and the Cherokee Indian head in the middle was the award. So the days passed, with kids bringing in bags left and right when finally the week came to an end. The bags were counted and the winner was decided. There was a great turn, but no one could beat the new champion of the Cherokee recycling week competition the 8th Grade! From the Green Team, a huge thank you to everyone who participated! Keep those bags separate and our world clean!