Mr. Rogers


Madison Arthur

Mr. Rogers is one of the counselors at CMS.

Mr. Rogers is the new 7th-grade counselor at Cherokee. At Cherokee, we all have people we like to hang out with. Mr. Rogers had his own little clique in high school as well! He and five other guys that didn’t fit in with any other group sat together. He said it was the best thing ever. Some went to Medieval Club, some did jock things, and some did nerdy things. Mr. Rogers stated he was a bit of a social butterfly. When asked what question he always wants to ask people but never has the courage to ask, he responded with, “What do you think about me? I find that question hard to ask because I’m not used to asking. I’m afraid of the answer or I might not be ready for what they have to say.” Mr. Rogers stated the most identifiable fictional character to him would have to be Batman, depending on when you ask.  It’s not because he has a taste for vengeance or justice, but because he has a lot of tricks and tools on hand. He stated both he and Batman make plans and investigate things. Mr. Rogers went on to state, “…When I think of Batman I think of Superman being on the back of Batman on a motorcycle, with Superman saying something positive and Batman saying something like ‘No, just stop’ or ‘VENGEANCE!!'”

 The most important thing Mr. Rogers said he got from his parents is the importance of balance. “My mom taught me to have balance in my life.” “Figuring out what balance means for yourself is important, a balance between life, like family, friends, and school. I was also taught that you can’t make everyone happy.” While he may not be Batman, he has seemed to find some balance in this life. Mr. Rogers would like to think he chose his job as a counselor, stating there were events that happened, pointing him to his job, but they are not the entire reason for him still being on this journey. Mr. Rogers stated he feels most confident when he is coordinating something that he has put together himself. Either a lesson or event. He stated he feels confident because he’s thought about the problems that could come up, and has a solution prepared. He thinks about what could go wrong and how to could fix it.

This confidence in preparation and coordination must be how Mr. Rogers has created his own world in Dungeons and Dragons. Mr. Rogers stated this is the thing he’s created that he’s most proud of. While he probably should have stuck with his initial answer of “my relationship with my wife” as being the thing he’s created that he’s most proud of, he went with a little honesty and maybe boasting, on this one. Mr. Rogers stated he’s played Dungeons and Dragons for 7 years. In that time, he’s created his own world filled with its own people and customs and has even tied in things from school. Psychology, science, and similar things to make his world more realistic and so he can remember those things.

When asked about other things he’s interested in that most people haven’t heard of he stated, “I build computers, play video games, and go fishing. The least popular game I play is World of Tanks. I’ve played for 6 years, but I would not recommend it because the game was not created for Americans, but for Russians.” Speaking of Russia, Mr. Rogers feels it’s important that we all one day in life travel and see the world, or travel out of US to another continent and see just how big the world actually is. When traveling, you’ll encounter many customs different from the U.S.A. One social custom Mr. Rogers would like to see disappear is the custom of tipping. He feels somebody’s wage should not be dictated on somebody else’s generosity. Tipping should be an extra thank you or a reward, it should not be expected. While the issue if tipping may be a sore spot, it doesn’t get him fired up like someone chewing loudly! When hearing people loudly chew he stated he thinks of his dad, who can chew and breathe loudly at the same time. Another hot button for him is people showing a lack of respect with each other. Mr. Rogers wants everyone to learn how to be nice and friendly to everyone, without being that person’s friend.

 The thing that scares Mr. Roger the most about the future is the possibility of having everything he’s worked for crumble down around him. Either directly, or factors around him to where he can’t support himself or his family. Anything could happen, both great and bad. If something happens out of his control, he stated he works to better himself. Perhaps the most excited statement by Mr. Rogers during my interview with him is that “Everyone can create their own destiny, most definitely!” He stated we all start out at different places, but we all can choose what direction we go. Mr. Rogers stated he believes we have been given free will in the power to choose. Some things are out of our control, but we can control some things; so we’re never at the whim of destiny, we’re in control. If you’re in need of guidance or tips for your own D&D game, go see Mr. Rogers!