Opinion: Making a Softball Team at Cherokee


  A lot of girls at Cherokee play softball, and the boys have a baseball team, so why can’t girls have a softball team?  There should be a girls softball team because the boys have a baseball team, and I think girls should be able to have a team lots of girls play softball, including me.  Some girls might wanna learn to play, and this would be a good place to start. I have told people about my idea to make a softball team and they said ¨What if I didn’t know how to play?¨ I feel like we would be able to help them learn and give them opportunities to play softball and anyone who would want to make a team or sport should have the same opportunities to make the school have more activities and for the students to have more interaction with the school.


  I know that parents say we should get involved more school activities and most of us say there isn’t a club or sport we want to join. I feel like this would help a lot of students get involved and get active with friends. Don’t forget that you can always make a club. Just go to the counselor and have a teacher sponsor. With that, you can make any club you want to be in.