Mrs. Rabinowitz


Madison Arthur

Mrs. Rabinowitz is a counselor at Cherokee Middle School.

    You may have seen Mrs. Rabinowitz’s lounge in the office, but you may not have gotten a chance to actually speak with her. Mrs. Rabi, as she prefers to be called, is the new 6th and 8th grade counselor this year at Cherokee. I recently got the opportunity to have a one-on-one talk with her earlier this week.   

  Although Mrs. Rabi is a new edition to Cherokee, she is not new to counseling. She has been a counselor for 11 years! She wanted to become a counselor because she loves helping kids and working with them. She loves that she gets to focus on communicating with kids, rather than grading a lesson plan like a teacher, which was what she originally wanted to do.

    Just because Mrs. Rabinowitz is an educator, doesn’t mean she can’t be fun! If she didn’t need sleep, she would prefer to spend all of her time painting, making art, and binging on Netflix. She tried going caving, but she hates it. She just doesn’t care for tiny and dark spaces. If she could switch lives with someone, she would want to switch with actress, Tina Fey, because she wants to know what it would feel like to be a celebrity and be really funny! When asked where in the world she longs to travel, Mrs. Rabi replied with Italy, Australia, and take a hot air balloon ride.

    If her life was a movie, the gag reel would be a clip of her falling down the stairs, somersault after somersault, and landing head first, all because her heel got caught in her pants! Out of curiosity, I asked Mrs. Rabi what was something t.v. or movies made her think would be common but she’s never actually seen. She stated that she thought cars automatically exploded from hitting something, but, sadly, it turned out to simply be movie magic.  

    If Mrs. Rabi had a crystal ball, the number one thing she would want to know is how many kids she will be having so she can start saving money now!! Haha! The most exciting part of 2019 she’s anticipating right now is her son turning 2; she’s excited to watch him grow and learn so many new things. Mrs. Rabi said the hardest part about modern parenting is being a working mom; she’s away from her son for 8 of the 12 hours he’s awake each day; yikes!

    I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of TikTok/; neither is Mrs. Rabi. We were discussing things people were obsessed with, that we didn’t understand, and she stated about TikTok, “I don’t even like selfies, so why would I want a video of me? It’s just not a comfortable thing.” Mrs. Rabi is, however, a fan of good handwriting. When asked if she could instantly become an expert in something what would she chose, she stated Handwriting; she would love to have instantly beautiful handwriting.

    The best piece of advice Mrs. Rabi has ever been given, here to share with all of you is: “Admit when you’re’ wrong. People respect you more for it.” Mrs. Rabi said that if she’s wrong, she’s always first to admit it. Clearly, Mrs. Rabi is full of good advice, and I had a great time interviewing her to share with you. I would encourage you to stop by her lounge, check out the inspirational quotes adorning her walls, and pick her brain about whatever may be bothering you!! Take a second to welcome her to our Tribe here at Cherokee; she’s here for YOU!