All City Honor Band

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All City Honor Band

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  The first semester is an exciting time in the Cherokee music department. From fundraisers to concerts, the choir, band, and orchestra are all busy trying to perfect their music in time for the upcoming concerts and festivals and raise money so that the department can have the very best supplies to help young musicians be inspired. One of the many activities available was the SPS Middle School All City Honor Band which took place on November 16th and 17th.

  The All City Honor Band was made up of the very best 7th and 8th grade band students from middle schools from all over Springfield. Each student had to send in a recording of them playing to be judged by a panel of judges to see if they would be included in the band. Our band students really showed up with 29 Cherokee kids participating! In total, there were 100 students attending out of the hundreds who auditioned and nine middle schools sending kids.

  On Friday, November 16th, all of the All City Honor Band members met at Central High School for a run through of the music. They were under the direction of the director Diana Williams, who has had much experience with great bands. She drove all the way from Oklahoma to direct and the students were very lucky to have her.  The music was very complex and was hard to master, but the band students made great progress in just two hours. 

  On Saturday, November 17th though, everyone buckled down to try and get the music prepared for the concert later that day. It took roughly six hours starting with an hour of practicing with your own section, but by the end, all four pieces sounded amazing and ready to be performed! The free admission concert was open to the public, especially family members and friends of the band members. The concert was a great success and the students had fun performing the pieces!

  Overall, being involved with the SPS Middle School All City Honor Band was a trying but fun experience. The band students got to meet new people from other schools who they may never have met if not for the honor band. The students learned a lot that they could apply to their music playing outside of All City Honor Hand. The experiences they had will stay with them for as long as they are a part of the band.


Congratulations to these Cherokee students who made 2018 All City Honor Band!

Divided by instrument section



Taygan Brooks



Kylie Burks



Krystin Ball

Alea Burks

Elena Black

Christian Taylor

Alexandra Henry


Bass Clarinet

Billie Haynes


Alto Saxophone

Kaiden Kristek

Kyle West


Tenor Saxophone

Tyler Abernathy


Baritone Saxophone

Jesse Rouse



Kyle Ramaker

Connor Peterson

Jonah Paik

Nora Curry

Jasie Espinoza


French Horn

Nathan Lovelace

Tyler Harris

Tyler Treat



Will Sharpsteen

Wilson Mao



Wesley Owens

Ryan McDaniel  



Taylor Brown



Hunter Bullock

Trinity Talmage

Gabriel Barnerd

Miles Collins


Special thanks to Mr. Thomas and Mr. Zineker who both came to support the Cherokee band members!

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