Holidays In December

Holidays In December

  There are many holidays in December like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and much more! In America, people would bring their cultures and religions whenever they immigrated long ago and we celebrate them today. Here are some of the Holidays in December.


Christmas– Christmas is a worldly holiday. In America, we celebrate Christmas with presents, going to church, and being with friends and family. But in Krampus, Austria they celebrate Christmas by having a “beast-like demon creature” that goes around the city scaring kids and punishing the bad ones. He is Santa’s evil assistant who captures the bad children and puts them in his sack. ( Yes I know what your thinking, terrifying but that’s just how their culture works. )

  Hanukkah– Hanukkah or Chanukah is a Jewish holiday celebrated for 8 days November or          December. They light a special candleholder called a menorah every night. On Hanukkah, Jews play a game when they spin a top called a dreidel to win chocolate coins, nuts, or raisins.

  Ōmisoka– Ōmisoka ( New Year’s Eve ) is the 2nd most important day in the Japanese tradition. It is the final day of the old year and the “eve day” of the new year. Also, at midnight, many visit temples for Hatsumōde.

  As you can see, there are many holidays in December, so this year, if someone doesn’t celebrate the same holiday as you, don’t be mean and judge them, ask them about it and learn something new. Happy Holidays and have a great new year!!!