NJHS (National Jr. Honors Society)


Madison Arthur

These NJHS participants sang carols and rang the Salvation Army bells at Walmart.

Have you heard of NJHS? NJHS stands for National Junior Honor Society. You have to get good grades to make it in this club. They do all kinds of cool stuff, like the Salvation Army bell ringing. They ring the bell to raise money for those in need on December 8. They give their time to bell ringing to help people who don’t have as much food as we do, or maybe no food at all. It’s a great thing for NJHS to do so, and we should support them by thanking them for bell ringing or to even just go to the place where they bell rang and put in donations.

NJHS does bell ringing for the Salvation Army every year. They have been voted as the number 1 youth group for the past 12 years. They bell rang on a Saturday over by Walmart on Independence street.

If you want to be apart of NJHS in 8th grade, you just have to keep your grades up and have good character because that’s what the teachers and counselors are looking for when you apply.

Wondering when the group starts? NJHS starts sometime in August, but you must apply during your 7th-grade year. If you want to learn more about this club, then talk to Mrs. Eggleston or Mrs. Mansel in the 7th and 8th-grade hallway.