Kickapoo Performance – Into the Woods

Kickapoo Performance - Into the Woods

Kickapoo High School just recently had an amazing performance of ‘Into the Woods!” I had the pleasure of going to the performance, as my sister, Cydney Curtis, was one of the background trees.

So, I decided to interview a couple of people and get some inside scoop on the behind the scenes! First, I interviewed my sister, Cydney. I asked, “What was it like in front all of those people?” She replied, “I mean… it was, like, performing in front of an audience. The more performances you do the less nerve-wracking it gets. It was really great to have Kim Crosby in the audience,”

I asked, “Why was it so great to have Kim Crosby there? Is she like an idol to you?” “She was the original Cinderella in the original Broadway production of ‘Into the Woods.’ So, to have her there and to have met her was amazing.

“How many people were in the performance?” I asked. “A little over fifty,” she replied.

“How long did you rehearse each day?” “It would vary. Sometimes we would have rehearsals that would last until eight at night and other times we would have rehearsals that would last until five or six at night.” “So, I guess it took up a lot of time to do homework?” I joked. “Yeah, um… it did… but it was worth it. Studies show that kids involved in after-school activities do better in school,” she replied, clearly confused as to why I made a joke.

“Would you suggest that people my age do this kind of stuff in High school?” “I would highly suggest it for everyone,” she replied. I nodded. “I think that it’s a good experience that allows people to break out of their shells. You can develop friends and spend your time doing something you could really enjoy.”

Next, I talked to the one and only Avery Serafini, who played Jack. “How fun was performing?” I asked firstly. “Performing is one of the most fun things ever. It was especially amazing to have one of the leads. It’s something I”ll forever remember.”

“Did you make any new friends while rehearsing?” “I did, yeah. I made a lot of new friends. I knew a lot of people there, and I got to know the ones I didn’t know. I got to know them pretty well and I’d say everyone knows me.”

“What was the best part about performing this?” “The best part is when you know you got it right. It’s this gut feeling that you nailed and. It’s great when you know your lines and you did the best you could.”

“Did you like having a leading role?” “I loved it. It was my first lead role and I loved it,” he replied happily. “Did you ever mess up on stage?” I asked. “The only time during the last performance, I cried. That wasn’t really messing up, but I cried because I was missing the people. It was during ‘No One is Alone,’ and I started crying. Wesley, the boy singing with me, was crying too. When we got off stage, we started sobbing and hugging each other. I’ll remember that moment and tell my kids that someday.”

“What was your favorite song to sing?” He huffed. “I would say ‘Giants in the Sky,’ but, ‘No One is Alone’ was probably my favorite song to sing because of all the emotions.” “Did you like the plot of the play?” “Yeah, I thought it was hilarious. I like how it all came together. I know I a lot of people don’t like it, but I liked it. I liked my character, personally. I like playing a dumb guy. I’ve never played a dumb person before, but I like it.”

“Is it true that Kim Crosby went to your school?” “She did, and she came and saw us perform. She said I did a really good job. I’ll remember that someday too. She came to the last performance, where I cried.” “I’m sure you had fun.” “It was a blast. I’ll be doing it one last time,” the Junior said.

“So, I had to ask, how excited are you for the Thespian conference? And can you explain it to me?’ “Every two year it switches locations. Last year it was St. Louis. Now it’s in Kansas City. Schools around Missouri get picked to go to this conference to perform. We got picked out of all the schools in Missouri that got to go. They do a musical and a play. We were the musical that was picked. We perform the first night there in front of at least 2,000 people. There’s college scouts and different people there. It’s a big place to get scholarships.”

Then, my sister came into the room. “Did you two have any songs together?” “No, we had so songs. We had group songs, but I mean, no,” Cydney replied with an attitude. “We had chorus songs,” Avery added. “Chorus members only had group songs.” “Did you have any scenes together?” I asked

“We have group scenes together. He had some of his… I think he had two scenes that were not group scenes. Is this really valuable information? Can I leave now?” she replied. “Cydney, you’re gonna have a bigger reputation in Cherokee. I didn’t even go there!” Avery said. “True! You didn’t even go to Cherokee, you went to Carver! Mrs. K knows you. Mr. Butcher said you were ‘a great from Carver,’ which is a big deal for us,” Cydney added.

Then, they went on a rant about A Plus tutoring for a while. “You can’t type all of this,” Cydney said. “It’s an invasion of privacy!” “No, it’s not. When this interview started, I gave her my knowing consent,” Avery chimed. “That doesn’t count!” Cydney exclaimed. “You walked into the interview! This is a live interview.” She stopped arguing and the interview ended.

Well, while I’m at it, I might as well explain the musical! There are witches and giants and princesses all combined in one fairytale. It’s all of your childhood stories combined into one! There are death and destruction and happiness! And you have to remember… be careful what you wish for.