The Team Behind the Team


Interview: 7th-grade managers: Ella Kristik, Mikayla Pilley, and Emily Crain

8th-grade managers: Camdyn Hart, Parker Gamet, Kenzie Hafer, Mikayla Smith


As many of you know, here at Cherokee 6th graders are not allowed to play school sports (except archery.) But a cool way for 6th graders to get involved in the game is to become a basketball manager! I had a chance to meet with them and learn all about it.

The first step to becoming a manager is to submit a form and meet academic requirements. You also have to get teacher recommendations. You have to be very committed to the team because practice is everyday after school (except on gamedays.) The managers help the players and do things that the coaches would normally have to do, such as grab balls, get water, and help with drills. The managers help out so that the coaches can continue to give instruction. These managers continually devote their time and energy to the teams.

Being a manager can also help your likelihood of being on the team in 7th or 8th grade because it prepares you and gives you experience that a non-manager might not have. One manager said, “Being a manager is fun because you get closer to players and coaches.” Being a manager is a very big responsibility because practice is daily and the managers are a key part of the basketball team, but it is completely worth it.