Christmas Traditions


Madison Arthur

Christmas decorations are so beautiful and magical to look at when you go anywhere this time of the year.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you Smoke Signal readers! I can just tell that this holiday season will really be something extra special (and pray that snow is also in the picture!)

Just out of curiosity, I did a little survey recently to ask people what kind of traditions they have around Christmas time. I got many replies, and thank you SO MUCH to those who helped me out with that, and I believe that sharing some of what I found out would be a great way to start off and continue this holiday season!

My first question was, “What is a tradition that you have with your family that takes place before Christmas? Most people said they decorate their house and their trees, some said that they bake or visit family, but one of my favorite answers that I got was, “We ALWAYS fight over when to get the tree. My mom is in favor of getting it ASAP, while my dad likes to wait until the last possible minute. It’s a divided household.” I just have to say, that sounds a lot like Christmas. What would the holidays be like if it weren’t for the family drama? I love it!

Now the next question that I asked was, “What is something that you do on Christmas eve?” I liked to hear that most people open one present the night before Christmas because that is also a tradition that I have with my family and I really enjoy it. There were also a few who said they watch Christmas movies or go to candlelight church services, which I can also relate to as well, but I thought that this response was quite interesting and really sets the Christmas mood; “On Christmas Eve, my family and I read the Christmas story and reflect on it, even though we all know it so well, it’s really special on Christmas Eve and you can never read it too much.”

Question number three was, “What is a tradition you have for Christmas morning?” “Eat breakfast always.” Don’t you love that? It made me laugh! I mean, of course most people said they have a family breakfast and eat the legendary grandma casserole, but the simplicity and enthusiasm of that person’s answer made it my favorite.  

Question numero cuatro, “What is something you do every year on Christmas?” This one was really fun to read because I felt like I could almost be a part of these traditions. There we so many different ones, all specific to the family, and ones like, “A Christmas tea with my grandparents,” and, “We always pull out bright and festive Mexican decorations and use them on our tree and in the living room,” are all so extraordinary and sound like something memorable to keep in the family.

The next question, “What is a tradition you have for after Christmas?” brought a different sort of feel and emotion to the answers. They were actually kind of sad, traditions that aren’t exactly fun like the rest, unless you’d consider. “Taking our stuff down and being sad it’s over,” or, “We clean up the mess we made during Christmas,” fun for you or your family, which I certainly don’t. One answer made me the saddest; “We ban all Christmas music for the next month.” How can you live without Christmas music for a month?! I feel really bad for anyone who also has to go through that the rest of the year.

What is a Christmas memory?” was the second to last question on the survey. Again, these answers were all a lot different and very unique, making them even more fun to read. I just want to say, I also have the tradition of putting, “‘Reindeer food’ in our front yard,” so thank you to my friend who said that (and reminded me! I don’t want those poor reindeer to be outside for that long and starve!) I would have never guessed that this person would be, “Stocking up on snacks, candy, and books throughout the month of December so I can pull an all-nighter on Christmas eve.” That is beautiful. I should start doing that too. Also, “We stole a tree. Don’t worry we paid eventually!”, was a surprise to me as well. Thank you for your honesty…and for paying for the stolen tree!

My final question was just to see if anyone had anything to add. I feel like what this anonymous person said really sums it all up; “It wouldn’t be Christmas without nights spent driving around looking at Christmas lights. I think it’s even more magical for me now, as a mom, than it was as a kid.” My heart has melted.

Anyhow, I hope that you and your family and friends can all have a safe, warm, and especially fun holiday season this year. Maybe you can even start some new traditions on your own, I challenge you to! Comment below your answers to some of the questions above, I love hearing about family traditions and memories!