Abortion Ban in the Dominican Republic

Abortion Ban in the Dominican Republic

Just recently, the Dominican Republic put a total abortion ban. What does that mean? Well, it means that it is completely illegal to get an abortion.

For those who don’t know what an abortion is, it means that you get rid of the fetus while you are pregnant. However, it is not advised to get an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion is legal in the U.S, however, it is banned in several countries around the world.

Abortion is a shaky topic to talk about, considering people have several different views. Many people don’t support abortion because they may consider it ‘killing’ the fetus, however, it is not technically considered a fetus, but it is still highly dangerous.

In the Dominican Republic, they have made abortion completely illegal. Some people think it’s a good thing, but some think otherwise. There are several reasons as to why people get abortions, and they’re usually not because a girl was in a committed relationship and just didn’t feel like becoming a mother. Usually, women have abortions because their bodies were used in a way no person’s body should be used.

This abortion ban means several things. There are girls about the age of twelve who have been through traumatizing events, and that leads to a pregnancy that should be terminated. With the new ban, that would mean that girls as young as ten could become mothers. Abortions are typically done when a woman is assaulted/raped, when the mother is not safe during her pregnancy, or when the fetus is unlikely to survive.

Just recently, the Republic of Ireland just released its ban on abortion, making it legal again. This was a relief to many Irish women, but it was not to others.

In El Salvador, abortion is completely illegal, and women have been punished for abortion. Several countries are like this, but some may think that El Salvador has the worst laws on abortion.

But because it’s illegal doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Some women will get illegal abortions to protect themselves from pregnancy. The procedure is dangerous, but it is something some find necessary.

Getting an illegal abortion is fear for your life. Considering abortion could be considered a crime in countries where it is illegal, it is a fear for your life. Unplanned pregnancies can lead to abortion, and an illegal abortion can cause a lot of problems. Since it has been banned, abortion is punishable by imprisonment. It is said that some women are afraid to go to the hospital after a miscarriage because it may seem as if they have had an abortion.

A miscarriage is when you’re pregnant and the baby dies in your stomach without intention. Miscarriages are different from abortion because abortions are when the fetus is being taken out, while a miscarriage is when you lose the fetus.

When CNN interviews a doctor from the Dominican Republic, he had stated that “8% maternal of deaths resulted from illegal abortions.”

Illegal abortions are much more dangerous because this means that the people who do the procedure are not as professional as doctors meant to do the procedure, which causes a lot of problems to women’s bodies.

Back in July, there were protests saying that abortions should not result in such harsh punishments. During a poll, about 79% of people think the punishments should be lessened or completely gone. While this is a topic hard to discuss, it is needed to be known. While I would not like to address my view on abortion, I do believe that if it is your body, it is your choice.