Skip the Straw!

You may be asking yourself “what is the big deal about plastic straws?” Well in America alone, we use about 500 million plastic straws a day! Most of those end up polluting our oceans and killing our marine life. In restaurants all over the world, people are using single-use plastic straws because they are cheaper and easier to mass produce. But ask yourself, “How does a straw make your life easier?” Plastic straws are essentially just a convenience.

           In the beginning of July 2018 Seattle, Washington became the largest city in the United States to ban plastic straws in restaurants. They are not the only ones, Starbucks plans to completely get rid of plastic straws in their 28,000 licensed stores and restaurants by 2020. They plan to do this by creating a strawless lid or coming up with a non-plastic straw alternative. In August of 2015, a video was posted on the internet of a male Olive Ridley sea turtle who was discovered by a research team off the coast of Costa Rica. It is a very disturbing 8-minute long video that has millions of views. The turtle had a 4-inch single-use plastic straw lodged up his nasal cavity. Marine biologist Christine Figgener told TIME that she did not want to take all the credit for the big movement around plastic straws but, she thinks that, “It had a very emotional effect on people and it definitely fueled the movement that already existed.”

Instead of using plastic straws, you can use silicone, stainless steel, paper, and glass straws, or you could simply not use a straw at all. You should help put a stop to single-use plastic straws by taking the pledge at to not use single-use plastic straws. Next time you order a drink simply say “no straw please.” Let’s help to end plastic pollution!