Lindsey Stirling

If I asked you to name a popular American violinist, performer, and dancer, could you? I can! Lindsey Stirling. Lindsey has made a career by staying true to herself, and inspires many people, including orchestra students, right here at Cherokee.

Her love of music started at the age of five. Her parents thought best to pay for a tutor and get Lindsey trained in the violin. She not only played, but sang with every song, and became consistent with learning new concepts. Stirling went to Greenfield Junior High and Mesquite High School. She was involved in musical competitions and orchestra. After school, she spent most of her spare time writing and playing music. She later attended Brigham Young University to learn about therapeutic recreational music. She went on to earn many awards while playing her amazing songs.

Lindsey Stirling inspires young people all over and ignites in them a love for music. A student here at Cherokee had this to say about Stirling, “Lindsey is a great artist and inspires me to stay true to what I love.” Maybe you’ll take a chance and get inspired too; Lindsey Stirling is out on tour and stopping here in Springfield on November 30 at Juanita K. Hammons. Now is your chance to dive deeper and find some inspiration!