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October has been a busy month for the  8th grade Cherokee choir. Between the MSU Men’s Festival and the Springfield All City Honor Choir, the members have been singing their hearts out this month! This article will take a look into those two events and give you a rundown of what happened.

The first event that happened on October 2nd was the MSU Men’s Festival. It was the third annual festival and the number of boys from all over the state was huge: a grand total of 700 singers!

The festival is “designed to encourage and celebrate male singers at all stages: unchanging, changing, and changed voices”, according to the information letter our very Mrs. K sent out to the 23 participants from Cherokee. The three stages are the three included groups of singers at the festival. Each choir had their own music and the chance to show off their voices.

The festival included boys from the 6th through 12th grades from all around the state. The boys rehearsed and then sang in a concert at 3:30 after listening to the MSU Men’s Choir. The event was held at Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts and the concert was open to the boys’ family and friends. All of the choirs did fantastic and had a fun time at the festival!

Here is the list of the 23 Cherokee students who attended the festival:

Jeffrey Bai, Dayne Brown, Corbin Clay, Jayden Cornelius, Brooklyn Creehan, Jacob Douglas, Ryan Goodman, Jacob Hall, Zach Hamilton, Austin Lambott, Andrew Link, Cael McCarville, Ty Reynolds, Gordan Rice, Jesse Rouse, Brayden Shorter, Quentin Stubblefield, Ethan Turner, Evan Vienhage, Brian Wamsher, Oliver Watts, Ty Wendel, Caleb Wiggins

2018 All City Choir

The All City Choir is a group of elite singers in 8th grade from around the city who auditioned to get into the group. They are required to memorize five difficult songs on their own in the time they are accepted to the time when the final group rehearsal is held. This year, that date is October 20th at Hickory Hills Middle School. On this day, all of the accepted students will gather together for an all day rehearsal and then and concert for their family and friends.

The students are divided beforehand into one of four different categories depending on your voice and how you sing: soprano if you are a girl and sing high, alto if you are in between, tenor if you are a boy and sing high, or bass if you are a boy and sing low.

Below is the list of All City selected choir members from Cherokee. This year, we are sending 29 girls and 15 boys to Hickory Hills to sing. We wish them the best of luck and a good time at the event!


Soprano                                                                                                                                                                    Taylor Akers

Bethel Bitew

Elena Black

Nicky Dooty

Olivia Estes

Lindsey Fulks

McKenzie Lowry

Vanessa Maturey

Kaylee Maxwell

Morgan Paquin

Rachel Schmeider

Emily Scott

Isabelle Snyder

Sophie Walker

Kennedy Wallin



Delicia Cisneros

Isabella Davis

Renee Elkady

Caylee Howser

Lilly Jackson

Amber Kwon

Tenae Michel

Olivia Morris

Callie Muldoon

Grace Park

Regan Reed

Trinity Talmage

Anna Wilkinson

Stephanie Wisker



Jeffery Bai

Jayden Cornelius

Jacob Douglas

Jacob Hall

Jonah Paik

Austin Lambott

Keyton Meador

Ty Reynolds

Gordon Rice



Mario Asimionese

Jayden Freeman

Ryan Goodman

Jesse Rouse

Quentin Stubblefield

Ethan Turner

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