Cherokee Cross Country

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Cherokee Cross Country

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The Cherokee Cross Country team has only been around for 2 school years (it started in 2017). I have had the pleasure of being on this team for both years, and it has been an incredible ride. On Friday, October 12, I interviewed Coach Felton about the team.

“When was the first year of Cross Country?” I asked first.

“Last year, 17-18,” she replied.

Coach Felton is also a Track coach, so if you are interested in joining Track, you may end up with her as your coach!

“Now, what is the difference between Cross Country and Track?”

“I would say that Cross Country is longer and is more scenic,” said Felton. “You definitely see more because we run courses, not just a track. This is much more of a distance sport too.”

“How big is the team this year?”

Coach Felton hesitated before answering with, “I would say last year there was forty-five and now there are 50.”

Being a team member last year, I was able to see the changes that took place within practices and within the team too, which lead me to the question, “Did you like last year or this year better?”

“Well I loved last year because it was all new, but this year I was able to make changes that people wanted,” she said.

As a slower runner, I had to ask, “Who is the best runner?”

“I mean, probably Grant Musick, but everyone tries really had to be the best runner they can, so, really, everyone is the best runner if they try their hardest,” Felton answered.

During this interview, we were at a team members house, so there was a lot of yelling in the background, which sparked the question, “Do you think the kids are annoying?”

With a laugh, she replied, “Sometimes,”

“What would you say is the average placing we get?”

“I would say that for boys we almost always get first, but for girls, it varies within first through third, and it’s usually only Pershing or Nixa that will beat us,” she replied.

“What is the best place we have gotten this year?” I asked.

“Grant Musick, I believe, made eight minutes twenty seconds on a 1.5-mile race,” she said. That certainly seems hard to beat!

“Cross Country or Track?”

“I don’t like one better, but for different reasons I like them. I think it’s fun to run Cross Country because you run all over the place, while on a track I get to see all of the kids.”

“Well, this is our last question: Do these kids usually transfer to Track?”

“Almost always!”

That concludes my interview on Cross Country with Coach Felton! If you are interested in joining next year, you definitely should!

Congratulations to both the boys and girls cross country team, as they both placed 2nd at the All-City Meet!

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