Tsunami in Indonesia

On Friday, a very severe tsunami hit Indonesia. It was caused by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake. Rescue workers searched at the site where a hotel collapsed for any people that may need help. As of Monday, there were 800 people announced dead.

The time that the earthquake hit was 5:02 p.m. Indonesian time. Terrifying videos reveal the scary growth of a gigantic wave eventually crashing into the coast. It swept away beaches as onlookers run. Scientists are surprised at how strong it was. The earthquake had some more earthquakes behind it. The rest all began around 2:00 p.m. with a 6.1 magnitude earthquake.  

The ground continued to pull up a lot of things. With 27 aftershocks that eventually gave way, the intense 7.5 magnitude earthquake centered about 6 miles deep. Aftershocks begin to happen and move the island. As of Sunday, the death count has jumped to  832 people.