The Energy Bus: What’s it All About?

The Energy Bus: Whats it All About?

This year we’ve started our new Character Education theme: The Energy Bus. You’ve heard about it, but you might still be wondering what it is. Read on to learn more and answer your question: What’s it all about?

The Energy Bus is a book written by Jon Gordon. Our entire character ED theme this year is centered around this book. Cherokee is a Certified Energy Bus School, you might see the banner hanging in the foyer. Cherokee is the only certified Energy Bus school in the district. 

So you probably have a character ED teacher or volunteer that comes to your classroom and talks to you about The Energy Bus. After hearing your presenter, you might still have questions. To dig deeper into The Energy Bus, I talked to the school counselors.

The Smoke Signal: How will The Energy Bus improve the school?

Mr. Rogers: To put it into technical terms, by presenting and reinforcing common character traits for everyone.

In other words, The Energy Bus is trying to reinforce good character traits. Each month, the volunteers go in depth about each individual rule of The Energy Bus. The first theme of the book is called “I’m The Driver.” The first chapter goes in depth about fault and responsibility and the difference between them. I’m the Driver is centered around you being the driver of your own bus. Only you can control your thoughts and actions.

Delaney Sisney
Energy Bus, By Jon Gordon

“We want you to be in control of your own life.” Mrs. Rabi says.

As we’re getting older, we’re given more choices. As we go through the chapters of The Energy Bus, these lessons can help us with choices we make in the real world.

“If you don’t see yourself as the driver of your own bus, you won’t see yourself as a decision maker in life.”- Mr. Rogers