Interview with Mr. Illig


Madison Arthur

This is Mr. Illig, the new CMS principal.

You have probably seen Mr. Illig around school, but may not know much about him. Well, that’s going to change! After reading this article, you will know more about Mr. Illig than your parents!

Mr. Illig grew up between Minnesota and South Africa. He has never lived in Missouri before this year. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry and German. He chose German because his dad is German, and he is fascinated with the language! Mr. Illig chose to teach because he worked in the chemistry field for a couple years and he wanted to teach high school kids about it.

Being the principal for 8 years in California, he decided to move back to the Midwest. When the position at Cherokee opened, he applied because it is an amazing school. When asked what he loves about Cherokee so far, he replied by saying, “Cherokee has enthusiastic students, it has a great parent community, and wonderful staff.” If Mr. Illig wasn’t a principal, he would still be working with early adolescents because he loves what he does. Mr. Illig feels that the goal is to meet the needs of any student, regardless of their gender. Boys probably have some different needs than girls have, so if we individualized education for every kid, it would meet each kid’s needs no matter their gender. If Mr. Illig could say anything to his middle school self, it would be to work hard, be organized, and have fun. If he could bring one person back from the dead, he would bring Adam back, to see what life was like back then.

If you see Mr. Illig, be sure to make him feel welcome! We should show him how awesome Cherokee really is!