Interview with Mrs. Odom


Madison Arthur

This is Mrs. Odom, Cherokee’s new assistant principal.

Many of you have seen Mrs. Odom around school, but may not know exactly who she is. Mrs. Odom is our new Vice Principal at Cherokee. I had the chance to sit down with her this week to get to know her a little better.

Mrs. Odom may be new to Cherokee, but she is not new to education. She has been an educator for 23 years, and has worked with all age groups, finding something to love about every group of students. Mrs. Odom didn’t always want to be an educator. She wanted to be a lawyer, doctor, sports broadcaster, or political speechwriter. It was always changing!  At Cherokee, she hopes to get to know as many students as possible in a positive way and to do whatever she can to help make Cherokee students successful. She feels it’s important to not treat genders differently, and hopes all students feel that she’s listened to them and treated them with respect, which empowers them to come to her with issues. Mrs. Odom shared that she feels all students need to be treated fairly and to be confident in their abilities to do what is right.

While Mrs. Odom reportedly loves teaching, she would not hesitate to retire from education if she won the lottery tomorrow. She would spend more time with her family, travel, find causes she wants to support and donate money and time to them. Winning the lottery might get her out of learning every student’s name, but while she’s stuck with us she’s committed to learning our names by studying the yearbook, going into classes, interacting at lunch, and asking students.

If she could use 3 words to describe herself, she would say that she is kind, a learner, and likes to laugh. Mrs. Odom loves to sing and spends her free time going to movies, watching Missouri State volleyball games, hanging out with family, shopping, and going down to Branson. For fun, I asked Mrs. Odom where the sorting hat would place her if she were at Hogwarts. She delightfully said Ravenclaw. Some of her favorite characters are Neville because he is a good person, and a hero in the end, but in the books, her favorite is Seamus.  

If you see Mrs. Odom in the halls, say hi! Welcome her to Cherokee and challenge her to learn your name.