A New Way to Shop

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Lots of you are probably familiar with the online store called ¨Amazon.¨ They sell everything from clothes to house-apparel. Well, in 2016, this well known brand decided to make a store that helps with busy shoppers called ¨Amazon-Go¨. There are currently 4 stores and one is in Seattle, Washington, and two in Chicago, Illinois. ( But ¨Amazon-Go¨ is just a grocery store, it doesn’t sell as much as the online store. )

This new store is very easy for busy shoppers by not having to wait in a long line to be checked out. To shop in this new store you will need  to download there app on your phone from the app store, next you will pull the app up when you get in the store and their machines will just scan your phone so you can checkout. Once you grab something, it automatically goes to your bill, but if you change your mind and decide not to buy it, then you simply put it back where it was and they take it off your bill.  Once you think you are done shopping, you leave with your grocery’s, and your bill is on your phone ready for you to pay for it.

In my opinion, this is really helpful to people who don’t have a lot of time to go grocery shopping because of work, school, sports, etc. It is a easy way to get the items you want, and you don’t have to wait in a line if you need to go somewhere after you finish shopping. If you can, this would be a really cool place to checkout since stores are just now starting to do this and it would be exciting to see what they look like and how the operate up close.

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